SenSai - Interni Hybrid - Milano

The concepts of the hybrid and métissage are an integral part of the architectural practice of Archizero; they are expressed through a multi-level language that embraces Orient and Occident, intertwining architecture, art and design in pursuit of a balance between what is built and the surrounding landscape. The installation, based on an idea by Michele Cazzani, establishes a relationship of coexistence between lightness and mass: the marble is utilized almost as it is taken from the mountain, in search of SenSai, a Japanese canon of beauty that puts the accent on the intrinsic force of materials and is based on the natural relationship between lines and planes, voids and solids, interiors and exteriors. The goal of the work is to insert human beings in this subtle balance, welcoming them and making their habitat more pleasant.

Project The structure of the pavilion, made with raw iron pipe, supports and guides a wall of lamellar wood that thanks to an acceleration of the lines towards the top becomes a roof. The structure floats over the marble masses of franchiumbertomarmi, forming a powerful work of architecture. The marble objects include a barbecue system, composed of four blocks of black Zebrino marble, including the sink block (with Gessi faucet), tables in Bardiglio marble supported by glass (by Vetreria Artigiana), suspended over the floor in planks of heat-treated ash (supplied by Trapa and installed by Super Skin) and a pool created from a single block of Calacatta marble. The aim of the installation is to bring out the force of solid marble: the individual stone pieces, made directly from quarried blocks, have been polished and sculpted by hand and with advanced technologies.

progetto: Archizero